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Pack List

Updated: Mar 25

What you need to bring to the lodge

❤ Passport, maybe travel VISA, and following the travel requirements.

We will not provide the airfare from your location to Iquitos (airline code is IQT). Lima to Iquitos is a fly or boat ride from Pucallpa. We also have suggestions for the hotels in Iquitos if you need to stay.

❤ Travel insurance if you need it. optional

❤ Sufficient cash. You can use a credit card at most restaurants in Iquitos. You can get some cash at the ATM. make sure to tell your bank before traveling to Peru.

A snack store is on the way to our lodge.

❤ Long sleeve and short sleeve shirts or pants.

❤ A swimsuit if you want to jump into the Amazon River. Pink dolphins are there so maybe you will see them or swim with them if you are lucky. The water looks dirty because the Amazon plants made look black.

❤ Comfortable shoes. Rubber boots or any waterproof shoes.

❤ flashlights. You need it for the ceremony .

❤ Sunglasses maybe

❤Camera or smartphone with a solar power battery just in case. We have solar panels at lodge.

We have Starlink so you can contact your loved one from the jungle!!

❤ Sunscreen if you need it.

❤ Umbrella or raincoat. There is a Rain forest depends on the season .

❤Insect repellent.. You can buy them in Iquitos. Also, we are providing mosquito coils in each room.

❤Personal hygiene items. The bathroom is attached to your room.

❤A Water bottle with a water filter if you feel worried about drinking water . We will provide clean drinkable level of water. You need them for the ceremony for sure.

❤ bring a hand fan .

❤ We have a Landry ladies there. Ask us if you need to wash the clothes .

❤ If you are diabetic. Please bring the sugar level testing kit. You can find them in Iquitos but very hard. Maybe you will lose the sugar level while you take the ceremony. bring some hard candies for just in case. ask us what kind of meds you can take while taking the ceremony.

❤Iquitos is a tourist town but not all people are speaking your language. so just download Google Translate on your smartphone before coming to Peru.

Tip : The First timer to Peru.

❤The Lima airport(LIM) is so small. (They are currently expanding the airport). Entering Peru is no problem but leaving LIM is very hard. Sometimes the line is so long and not moving. It will take 3 hours to just get to the security gate. just listen to what the airport agents are screaming while you are waiting in the line . normally they give the information about the airplanes that are leaving soon.

❤Coca candy is a popular treat in Andean countries, but like coca tea, it is illegal in most of the world because of its association with cocaine. Coca candy is sometimes okay to bring at your next destination but Airlines doesn't like it. I think do not bring it back to your country. It is the safe way. You can have them in Peru. but if you have a plan to have a drug test in your country after the trip. please stay away from the coca products.


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